Chicken Biryani Free Delivery – Pre Order Online

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Order before 11AM 17th May 2020. When you order more than 3 packs you will get it for 250/= per Pack. 

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Chicken Biryani Free Delivery – Pre Order Online

Home Cooked Chicken Biryani Ready to deliver on 17th May 2020. all you have to do is make your order from today orders will be closed at 17th May 2020 11AM. While you order online after 3 packs you will get each pack for 250/=

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Who we are

JC Catering Services in Batticaloa Provides Quality home made food with love of Sri Lankan Mom. you can try our menu by following our Facebook Fan Page. 

We will update regularly what we have delivering on our social media platforms so you can check and order online via our website or by directly calling us 0771834045. We have located in No. 88/95, Navalar Road Karuvappenkerney Batticaloa. if you in hurry you can step-by and get your packs from our home.

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  • Online minimum order 2 packs
  • If you purchase more than 3 packs you will get one pack for 250/=
  • Offer available for only 17th May 2020


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